Does Xi Jinping, the leader of CCP, have a supernatural power of god-like nature?

👉 The leader of the Communist Party of China (CCP), Xi Jinping (born June 15, 1953), in December 2001 (when he was 49 years old), submitted a simplified Chinese version of the doctoral dissertation 【A Tentative Study on China’s Rural Marketization】 (中国农村市场化研究) to Tsinghua University in Beijing, was awarded a Doctorate Degree.
👉 On the header description section of the thesis, there is a page of the English description of the course requirements that reads: “Dissertation submitted to Tsinghua University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Law” by Xi Jinping. Thus, the dissertation submitted by the student Xi Jinping was a partial requirement for the PhD program.
👉 If the student Xi Jinping had a factual “educational experience” in connection with his doctoral program, he needed to stay at the Tsinghua campus in Beijing for a period (of about 2-3 years) to go through the graduate course study, to do homework, to take and pass the exams like any other students, before he was qualified to write a doctoral dissertation. Xi Jinping had received limited education as a matter of factuality. The CCP and Xi Jinping had worked together hand in hand to fabricate a strong “educational experience” for him, leaping from ground bottom to sky high all the way. That is something that China’s knowledgeable public is well aware of, but they dare not say it openly for fear of causing unbearable trouble. If Xi Jinping′s “educational experience” in connection with the PhD curriculum regulations was real, how could the student Xi have worked full-time as a vice governor of Fujian Province in Fuzhou (the capital city of the Province) while he was supposed to attend his PhD course study as a full-time student in Beijing? The distance between Fuzhou and Beijing is 1900 kilometres away, the equivalent distance from Washington, D.C. to Houston. Can someone physically work as a full-time Lieutenant Governor of Texas while undergoing his routing graduate course work as a full-time PhD student at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. simultaneously? How “real” is the student Xi Jinping′s “educational experience”?
👉 Student Xi was eligible to write his doctoral dissertation only after completing the required courses of study and passing the exams. Had he done that? WHY? No matter what student someone is, it is a norm that a serious PhD candidate writing the dissertation has to stay up, read and think a lot, as a frequent visitor of the library, eager to search for the data and write, and discuss academics with people around. There was no evidence that the student Xi had done anything like that. During that time (about 1-2 years), Xi Jinping was promoted (from vice governor) to governor of Fujian Province, and his workplace was still in Fuzhou, not Beijing.
👉 Imagine if the student Xi Jinping had studied full-time for a PhD degree and had a full-time political assignment as a provincial governor or vice governor at the same time and in the same place, it′s still an extreme challenge—— let alone that he had to shuttle every day between a distance of 1900 kilometres, having his study and work accomplished perfectly. No one could find a decent explanation for such a preposterous scenario. So let us assume for a moment that the student Xi Jinping was gifted with a supernatural power of a god-like nature to make him achieve that seamless shuttle between Beijing (to attend Tsinghua graduate classes) while acting as the governor or a vice governor in Fuzhou simultaneously.
👉 In recent years, CCP and Xi Jinping have orchestrated a much more bizarre version of his supernatural power of a god-like nature. They have proclaimed that Xi Jinping has become a superior inventor of all kinds of “great thoughts”, not for China alone but the entire human world. Xi′s thoughts have encompassed economics, politics, education, environmental protection, technology, the universe, the China Dream, picking enemies, engaging class struggles, seizing power, defecting American imperialism, building up China′s internal economic circulation, and showing the direction for the future of humankind and many many more.
👉 Last words. If Xi Jinping has a supernatural power of a god-like nature, why did he wait so long until he was 49 years old to submit his doctoral dissertation? Why should he still need a PhD degree? 💥 Can CCP or Xi Jinping tell the world the factuality behind Xi′s PhD degree?

👉 Read the dissertation【中国农村市场化研究】 here ☞

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