【THE MAGIC WORLD OF THE 12 FAMILY】- Cartoons – 13 Episodes – 【12全家福的神奇世界】- 動畫 – 13集

👉Every person has a zodiac symbol. A ZODIAC STAR performs a unique and humorous story in each episode.

👉This animated series has 13 episodes. It begins with the exciting story of FANCY RAT searching for his 11 long-lost brothers.

👉It showcases the humorous story of JOLLY PIG’s weight-loss attempt for the sake of winning a fitness championship in vain. There are also amusing scenes of the energetic BONNY HORSE getting a trendy new hairstyle, CHEERY ROOSTER being made fun of in humorous scenes, and the kind-hearted BABE SHEEP unexpectedly becoming the physical trainer of the mighty TOMMY TIGER. And more.

👉The animation design, music, and visual composition are meticulously crafted. Each 10-minute performance consists of no less than 9,000 frames.

👉【The Magical World of the 12 Family】brings you a joyful world of entertainment and kindness.

👉Each of the 12 ZODIAC CARTOON STARS has a catchy English and Chinese name as follows:

1. FANCY RAT – 心奇鼠

2. MACHO OX – 大力牛

3. TOMMY TIGER – 威力虎

4. WITTY HARE – 精灵兔 


6. LUCKY SNAKE – 吉利蛇 

7. BONNY HORSE – 活力马 

8. BABE SHEEP – 乖乖羊 

9. JAZZY MONKEY – 调皮猴 


11. BUDDY DOG – 爱心狗 

12. JOLLY PIG – 快乐猪.

👉Here are the 13 episodes of【The Magical World of the 12 Family】. Have fun.

Episode 1 FANCY RAT👉https://youtu.be/CFccTSrgc9w

Episode 2 MACHO OX 👉https://youtu.be/7jHcRUDwXkQ

Episode 3 TOMMY TIGER👉https://youtu.be/xoAhvJxCVKE

Episode 4 WITTY HARE👉https://youtu.be/RMr4ok5t_vc

Episode 5 VICTOR DRAGON👉https://youtu.be/5hPc5AfvS2o

Episode 6 LUCKY SNAKE👉https://youtu.be/Ks-XsZ1Ey70

Episode 7 BONNY HORSE👉https://youtu.be/BWSbHPwZUMM

Episode 8 BABE SHEEP👉https://youtu.be/D3CJvsQtcuo

Episode 9 JAZZY MONKEY👉https://youtu.be/OHyNHo_6TSE

Episode 10 CHEERY ROOSTER👉https://youtu.be/zgrRWeufB-0

Episode 11 BUDDY DOG👉https://youtu.be/S81vbtQ7n28

Episode 12 JOLLY PIG👉https://youtu.be/Q10SkLg2MLc

Episode 13 THE 12 FAMILY👉https://youtu.be/OugBEbmU6PI

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